February 19, 2009

Old Man by the Sea

Lost Photos

Prior to Christmas break, we trekked on this place called Old Man by the Sea. Just less than an hour from the main highway going to Kingfisher Golf Course. The trail has steep slopes and cliffs, the short downpours makes the terrain muddy and slippery. You have to hold on to ropes or hang on to the roots of the trees for support. The thick foliage can get you confused and lose your way but that's the part of the challenge since you will find the trek well worth it when you get there. This is my second visit to the site and that was 13 years ago when my boss took us for a tour around the island.

Old Man by the Sea is a rock formation which resembles the head of an old man staring at the ocean. Legend has it that an old man was fishing at this beach one day, and he cursed the ocean for not giving him any fish. The ocean reached up and plucked the old man away, but his image was left on this rock as a reminder for everyone to respect the sea.

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r-yo said...

this is an awesome place! great pics!