July 8, 2008

Fun with RACDO II

As our days in Subic dwindled, Dr. Greg and Beck invites for dinner at their new house in Dinalupihan. Greg and Beck were a long time friend and our "official family dentist" so everytime na nasa Pinas, never did we forget on visiting them. Pam & family were in town also, after dinner we went to JAX Comedy Bar on Pam's treat and spent the night with Japs, Shie and Omai .

These were the same "gang" that is time tested and known to have the tenacity to be awake from dusk to dawn during our "time" in Rotaract Club of Downtown Olongapo II. "Merong pasok, e di mag-absent, may trabaho, e di magleave" kind of thing.

I'm happy to know that RACDO-II is doing well and being taken cared of. Thanks Shie and Omai.

Things have changed in Magsaysay Avenue, wala na ang mga dating tambayan, the places we frequently visited may have been gone and some "barkadas" went elsewhere, but am glad there are people that are still there to have fun with, remember what we have had and know what we have become.

Thank's for the company Dr. Greg and Beck, Shie, Omai, Japs and Pam. Hanggang sa muli!!

On a side note, we've visited Liza (the forever young diva) at her office in Levi's, albeit short due to time constraint, this completed our meaningful trip back home. Thank's Liz! Next time nalang ulit ha...

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