December 6, 2008

Dive 8 - Laulau Bay

The initial plan was to dive at Objan. Having awesome experience on this diving site, I could never forget the visibility, the famous Garden Eel, my close encounter with Lion Fish and of course the playful Dart Fish and so I asked Asai-san to take me to Objan.

To our dismay, the ocean was rough on this southern tip of Saipan just by looking at it. So we've decided to dropped the plan and since we're all ready for diving, we went to Lau-lau Bay just to serve the purpose.

On with the familiar site at Laulau, we hit the underwater trail and explored new caves and crevases that I haven't gone before. Thanks to Asai-san, his familiarity to Laulau trail makes diving just like a walk in a park and unlike my previous dive here, here and here on this familiar terrain, we're kind of enjoying the solace of being underwater. I didn't took much picture though but did some experimental video clips for my file. More on Dive 9.

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