March 21, 2008

Guam: Downtown & Tumon Bay

When the Spaniards first arrived in Guam in 1668, Tumon was one of the most prominent villages. The first missionary to Guam, Padre (Pålé) Diego San Vitores and Pedro Calungsod were killed in Tumon by Mata’pang, a village chief, after the priest had baptised the chief's daughter without permission. A park and statue mark the site of San Vitores death while a Roman Catholic church named after him (as Bl. Diego San Vitores) is along Tumon's main road, also named in his honor.

Today, dozens of hotels in addition to shopping centers, water parks, night clubs, and other attractions can be found along the sandy beaches of Tumon Bay. The Bay was recently made a marine preserve. Tumon is served by Antonio Won Pat Internationla Airport in Tamuning.

Tamuning today is the commercial center of the islands. In 1967 a new era took hold of Tumon. The tourist industry was indtroduced to the island. Tourism more than any other factor, dramtatically change Tumon, and to a lesser extent,Tamuning. Both Tumon and Tamuning are an integral part of the islands history. From a prehistoric settlement to an old fishing village, both eareas have emerged to be the island’s economic lifeline.

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