October 28, 2008

Japanese Autumn Festival

CNMI, being the crossroad to Micronesian and Asian cultures in the Pacific, tradition or celebration are practically held here each month as I have posted here, here and here.

Autumn festivals are held throughout Japan, most celebrated to either pray for a good harvest or to celebrate the local Shinto gods. Most of the autumn festivals in Japan are related to the harvest and fall foliages.

Here in Saipan, the Japanese community headed by Japanese Society of Northern Marianas have laid out a grandeous plans to celebrate the Autumn festival or Matsuri festival. We’ve missed the opening when it started with a parade and a toast of sake to the gods because the parking was full and it took us time to find a good place to park.

Japanese performer of traditional Japanese dance displayed their grace to the delight of the numerous spectators. There were music and special food like Takoyaki, Tempura, Sushi, Katsudon and all for the festival, yard sale, and games for the kids. My son won a traditional Japanese costume after numerous attempt on the Colored Marble Game while some kids enjoyed the taste of sweet cotton candy or by trying to catch the goldfish!

The weather cooperated and it was the perfect time to be outside all day long. Shouts of excitement were heard all over. "Wassoi!"

It’s a great day to see the Japanese and the community at their best having fun.

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