July 8, 2008

Banto - King Nuptial

Pareng Alex and Wilhelm have sent text inviting us to go to the wedding of our batchmate in high school. Invited daw ang Batch '84. Being "invited by the invited" is not my thing pero there's nothing to do at the house anyways so we went ahead sans invitation of neither the bride nor the groom. It was a wonderful idea going there and I thought this is the oppurtune time to see friends and batchmates that I missed for so long.

It was a night to remember really, having seen Imelda Banto and Mr. King got wed, old friends, classmates and batchmates in one place knowing what they do and what was traspired during the past 24 years when we all parted after graduation in high school.

On that note, I would like to congratulate Mr. & Mrs. King. Likewise, kudos goes to 1984 batchmates in high school. Cheers!!

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