March 28, 2008

Lau-lau Bay, Dive 1

My diving pal at South International Club called for a dive, this time in Laulau Bay on the east side of the island. Siyempre excited, after the last dive that I have posted previously here and here, at last nasundan na naman after almost two months.

Laulau Bay is a popular dive site in Saipan especially for novice divers, usually this is the place of the first underwater experience for many divers taking Open Water Diver Course from PADI and Scuba Diver Certification from NAUI here. Though I took my first underwater breathing in Managaha Island, I'm excited since this is my first time to dive the site.

The plan was to have two dives, first on the eastern part and the west being the last.

I did not use disposable undewater camera this time para makatipid, and besides disposable camera has very limited number of shots compared to digitals cams one-to-sawa. I'm testing my new underwater casing dedicated para sa digital camera that I already have for some underwater shots (photographer wannabe).

Five of us dove Laulau Beach, Kuya Bob, the Pinoy master diver and the leader followed by Mr. Kozumi and her daughter Reina, a Japanese tourist, me and Fumi, our Japanese guide.

Kakaiba ang dive na ito, this time medyo surreal ang paligid. The drama started by entering in a shallow but murky water, suddenly a school of fish appeared from nowhere and as we go along, mga ibat-ibang corral formations ang nadaanan tulad ng Acropora at Scleractinia and various type of fish that adds life and color to the place. The visibility was clearer as we go deeper.

The dive concludes by passing over a pile of old pipes, the story was dati palang oil depot ito during the Japanese occupation.

It took us 30 minutes to dive the first at 15 meters depth, siyempre pa, walang sawang pagkuha ng mga pictures, the irony of being the photographer, you tend to make good photos for others but yourself.

Next, Laulau Bay, Dive 2.


Sidney said...

That is fun!
Too bad I can't dive! :-((((

Senor Enrique said...

You're doing something I can only dream of. Enjoy!