March 22, 2008

Guam: Apolinario Mabini Shrine

Asan Beach has a very rich history. Guam was a Spanish Colony from 1668-1898. Then as a result of the Spanish-American War, the Treaty of Paris granted Guam a colony of the United States. Asan Beach had many uses prior to World War II.

In 1892, Asan Beach was the site of a Leper Colony, which was utilized for eight years until it was destroyed by a typhoon. Then in 1901 this land turned into a prison camp for exiled Filipino insurrectionists. They believed the United States should not take over the Philippines. Apolonario Mabini was the most famous of the 42 imprisoned and is still considered a Philippine hero. The monument here honors their sacrifice.

Mabini Historical Marker

"On this site (Asan Point) lived Apolinario Mabini, immortalized in Philippine History as the sublime paralytic, the brain of Philippine Revolution, and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the first Philipppine Republic under General Emilio Aguinaldo togeterh with 51 other Philippine heroes among them Generals Artemio Recarte, Pio Del Pilar, Mariano Llanera, Col. Maximo Hizon, Pablo Ocampo, Leon Flores, Pancrapio Palting and Maximo Tolentino. They were exiled to Guam in 1901 by the American military authorities and where quartered in what was formerly a leper hospital util 1903 when all of them took the oath of alliange to the United States except General Ricarte."

Erected and inaugurated on July 4, 1961 by the Philippine American Council of Guam under the auspicies of the Philippine Consulate General. Caretkaer : Batangas & Southern Tagalog Assn. (Basta), Guam. Cavite Association of Guam"

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