May 29, 2008

Gaga over Stimulus Checks

The newspaper today headlines the mailing of the much anticipated "stimulus checks". I was told that some people got their checks already so upon doing field work with an agent and since their office was just walking distance to the post, I went to Chalan Kanoa Post Office to check my mail box.

I have noticed a very unusual traffic going in and out of this area. Aside from Beach Road going in to Tun Segundo Street, it seems like all roads leading to the post today.

My amazement grew even more when I came to the post, the parking was full, vehicles spilled to the side of the post office (Old Municipal Building) and to Sony Building, Kevin's and to the front (round house) akin to the re-opening of Hollywood Theaters. Incredible!

Most if not all who came out from the post have smile of their face with the envelope at hand.

I got mine and it feels like Christmas in May!


caryn said...

hahaha! my eyes were caught by the "stimulus check" although i must confess that i still don't know all that much about it. hahaha! will research some more. catchy name though ;-)

Mandaragat said...

ok caryn, here it is:-

"President Bush has signed into law a $165 billion economic stimulus package providing rebate checks to taxpayers."

Taxpayers might receive a check for $300, $600, $1,200, or even more depending on your conditions."

ang saya-saya diba ?