April 17, 2008

Awaodori Dance Festival

Another cultural presentation was showcased by the Japanese Community at the Paseo de Marianas in Garapan. Awaodori is a traditional Japanese dance, it is usually done every August by groups of elaborately dressed men, women and children. They gather in the streets to enjoy the rhythm of pounding drums, high-pitched bamboo flutes and a variety of traditional Japanese instruments.

Founded in 1985, members of the Tensuiren Awaodori Traditional Dance Group, from Ko-Enji, Tokyo, Japan visited the island. It was the same group who introduced this traditional dance to the community and taught selected students of Koblerville Elementary.

As the name of the group implies, Tensui refers to people who are devoted to Awaodori dance that they don't think they need nothing else other than the water (sui) coming down from Heaven (ten) and Awaodori.

All of the members practice hard throughout the year with this tensui spirit in their hearts which is pretty obvious during the presentation. The dance team wowed the crowd with energetic moves.

It's April, I guess Awaodori came early in Saipan.

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Sidney said...

The Japanese have amazing festivals!