March 20, 2008

Guam: Talifak Bridge

Mula sa Adelup, nagdrive sa Route 1 (Marine Corps Drive) papunta sa ibaba ng Guam for 11 miles to the U.S. Army Reserve Center. Following the map, we turn left and proceed on Route 2 for another five miles entering the village of Agat. We stayed on the same road and after about two miles, mayroong maliit na pantalan at ang Nimitz Beach Park sa kanan. Paglampas ng mga 100 yarda mula sa park mayroong makikitang sign on the right hand-side of the road for the bridge.

During the Spanish era, a coastal road known as El Camino Real was built between Hagatna and Umatac. Built in 1785, this bridge in Agat is an example of the stonework constructed to span the many rivers along the route.

Originally constructed of wood in 1785, damage caused the bridge to be repaired, using stone in the mid-1800s. Today, the well-sculpted gardens around, and on, the bridge make for a beautiful and almost surreal setting. While the bridge is within a few steps off the main road, one can easily imagine themselves in another era by standing on the bridge and facing the beach. As the bridge is immediately off the main road, it is readily accessible to anyone.

As you can see, medyo malabo ang tubig na umaagos.

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