May 13, 2008

Continental or Northwest?

We are having a vacation next month and we're kind of torn which airline to chose since both Northwest and Continental offers good deal this summer. There's a price war going on between them kaya panalo ang consumer (lalo na ang OFW) na pauwi sa Pilipinas. Let's see what they offer.

Continental Airlines is the only company that has direct flight from the Saipan to the Manila. At $475.00 round trip (now $395), one could be in Manila for three hours and 50 minutes and that includes a meal. I have travelled many times with CO and I would say the service is at par and no doubt they are punctual and that is also the reason why they are the consistent winner for this category. If we were to chose continental, we would spend around $1,425 just for the fare alone.

How about Northwest Airlines? The rate is $285.00 for a round trip. The only caveat is that you have to have a longer traveling time using this route. From Saipan you have to transit to Nagoya (or Narita), Japan for about 8 hours and 5 minutes, and on for the next flight to Manila and vice-versa. This is ideal for traveller who could enter Japan or those who have a visa where you can do a side trip to check the sights of Nagoya. Its $855 for three if we were to chose this route.

We are a Onepass member, mileage for this route is counted since both airlines share airline codes. I have enough mileage for a One pass free airfare though but I have to consider my "significant others" who are travelling with me.

The school is almost over. In the meantime, I have to check Japan Consulate on the requirements of getting a transit visa and we'll see from there.


Islander said...

uy uuwi pala kayo... happy trip at maligayang pagbabalik.

Mandaragat said...

plano palang islander..marami pa kasing dapat ayusin...hopefully matuloy...75% sure na!