September 6, 2008

Dive 7 - Objan Beach

The sky was bright, no rain, less clouds, a perfect day for a dive in Objan Beach.

Objan is well known divespot in Saipan, it has unique natural features that can only be found here, the "Garden Eel".

This is my first time to the site, of course I'm excited. After a short briefing by Nato-san and Yumiko, we went on. We started different this time by inflating our BC and swam to the surface (above 8 meters deep). After attaining neutral buoyancy (which I'm having difficulty of learning) we descent slowly until we reached the bottom.

The first thing that caught my attention was the visibility. It was very clear down under, the subjects were very defined against the blue backdrop. Everywhere I looked, I feel like I'm watching in a 360 degrees High Definition TV.

I've seen more tropical fish here compared to my previous dives in Managaha Island and Lau-lau Bay. Objan, in my opinion has more marine species than the two locations. Not to mentioned the "Garden Eel" that makes this dive site famous.

We enjoyed looking the playful Dartfish, Angelfish, Grouper, and to everyone's delight, a "Lion Fish" appeared beneath the corals and show-off her exotic looks.

As usual, I consumed air faster than my colleague and because of that we have to rushed to the shore. Must be the excitement I guess.

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lenny said...

wow naman..sarap mag dive! pag ako kaya mag dive lumutang pa kaya ako..ha..ha Enjoy your new sports! Take Care