May 23, 2008

27th Saipan Agricultural Fair

It’s Saturday so we did our usual breakfast at Sabalu Market. This time we tried Arroz Caldo and Lumpia for a change.

The “lancheru” or farmers from the islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota converged once again for the 27th Agri Fair in Susupe. Every year and during the month of May, farmers and ranchers show-off their produce and livestock for the public to appreciate.

We went ahead to the next building where the produce were located. I have noticed variations of bananas hanging overhead, on the table are fruits which can be found only in a tropical place like CNMI, just like fruits back home.

The other side of the aisle lies the vegetables, herbs and spices. One could get a clue as to where the history of Marianas begun just looking at these vegetables, herbs and spices. Hot pepper is not endemic in the CNMI, just like mango and long beans as an example.

Livestock is on the other end of the market. I have noticed that there are diffirent kinds of imported cow and swine here in Saipan. At the petting zoo, kids enjoy the rabbit, fanihi (fruitbat), coconut crab and ducklings too.

Well, “Biba Lancheru!!”

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