April 30, 2008

Marianas Cup 2008

Before heading to Flame Tree Arts Festival, we went to watched the Marianas Cup football championship at Oleai Field. It was a battle between north and south islanders as CNMI played the host team against visiting Guam football squad.The Guam Football Association team composed of young and energetic members while the home boys consists of determined players having the home field advantage. Both teams displayed quality football right from the start and it was a a rubber matched game ending the 90 minutes allowed time at 2-2.

The denouement came when Matthew Albert Cepeda Cruz made a goalie that sealed the match minutes before the end of the overtime period, the CNMI Men's National Team lost 2-3 to the visiting Guam national team.The other day was the womens game. It was O-O for each, a big improvement from last year's humiliating 0-7 defeat they suffered from Guam.

It was a happy kind of sad situation. Still, kudos CNMI National Team.

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