August 3, 2008

Laulau Dive 3 & 4

We went diving last weekend to check the usual residents here and to try my new Scubapro diving gear. Together with Nato-san, Midori-san and Michiko-san of Takayama, Japan, we explored this favorite divesite on Saipan, the Lau-lau Beach.

I love Lau-lau because of its seascape, the beauty, the trail, and its unique ecosystem. Rich in soft and hard corals like Favia and Favites who belong to Brain Corals family can be seen here. Montipora , Seriatopora, Helofungia , Acropora coral formations abound. Angel Fish, Parrot Fish, Trevally and Grouper were the usual residents. Unlike my first dive that I posted here and here, the school of Atulai were no longer be found, must be the season I guess. This is my fourth visit in Laulau and 6th dive overall.

The new Scubapro T-Sport series BCD, Mk25T Regulator along with S555 octopus works just fine but too bad, we've missed the Hawkbill Turtle and Manta Ray again!


Senor Enrique said...

You are doing something I could only dream of!

Cheers and enjoy!


mandaragat said...

salamat po Senor! just fulfilling the bucket list..